Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Diversity Visa


Please read this carefully, this process is long and it can be overwhelming.  Stay calm and call our office for consultation.


Diversity Visa Steps.

1- Submit an entry;

2- Selection of Applicants by the US Government;

3- How to check whether the Applicant was selected;

4- How to confirm the Applicant's confirmation;

5- How to Submit the Applicant's Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application;

6- How and where to submit the Applicant's supporting evidence;

7- The next step is the Interview process, location, time, and date;

8- How to prepare for the consulate's interview; and what is the fee required;

9- The Applicant's interview, who must attend the interview, and what must the Applicant bring;

10- What happens after the interview.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a legal advice, and reading this post does not create a binding Attorney Client relationship. 

Thank you.


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